Plain and printed plates
Plain and printed plates
Silver, gold round plates, metal detector compatible and coated cardboard for all kinds of food products: e.g. confectionery cakes and pastries, sliced meats, canapés, finger rolls and catering snacks.
We have the option of smooth or ribbed plates.
Possibility of customisation by embossing, check for minimum quantities.

pe0 – 9ø

pe1 – 13ø

pe2 – 16ø

pe3 – 19ø

pe4 – 21ø

pe5 – 23ø

pe6 – 25ø

pe7 – 27ø

pe8 – 29ø

pe9 – 31ø

pe10 – 33ø

pe11 – 35ø


pl20 – 20ø

pl23 – 23ø

pl25 – 25ø

pl28 – 28ø

pl31 – 31ø

pl37 – 37ø

pl40 – 40ø

pl45 – 45ø

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